Don't build a pointless website.
Be intentional.

You need a website that actually works for you. We'll help you diagnose business challenges, identify solutions, and provide web services to bring you to a brighter tomorrow.

“Rebel WordPress worked well with me to improve focus and pin-point priorities. After getting the basic set-up complete, they took time to show me how to do things myself. Rebel WordPress cares about equipping and empowering their clients to show off their full business potential.”

A digital ecosystem for your business

As more and more people turn to the web to find solutions to their needs, your website has become one of the most vital aspects of your business. Our aim is to provide you with tools and processes which help your business thrive, online and offline.

Comprehensive roadmapping

Successful website projects beginning with sound planning. We’ll work with you to identify areas of opportunity and determine how your website can be leveraged to take advantage of them.

  • Look before you leap

    Before you pull the trigger on a new website, we’ll help you determine what impact it can have on your business first so you can make wise decisions.

  • Define the problems

    By taking a close look at what is holding your business back, you can make the best choices to address them for the sake of your wallet and your sanity.

  • Identify solutions

    Vision drives us forward and gives us a specific direction so we will get a clear picture of what tomorrow should look like to make sure your website gets you there.

  • Clarify the next steps

    Knowing what to do next keeps you on track and your stress in check. You’ll have a clear path to follow with measurable goals to know how you are progressing.

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Goal oriented websites

Getting the most out of a website requires having a vision and taking intentional steps towards that vision. Instead of "just building a website", we go the extra mile to set you up for success with attainable goals.

  • Purposefully engage your visitors

    Your website should be so much more than a flyer in a dark hallway. Your website will be engineered to accomplish specific, trackable business goals

  • Create brand confidence

    Business is about building trust. Your website will speak to your visitors' needs and serve them well, putting their mind at ease that you are the best choice for them.

  • Make a great impression

    Your website is often the first point of contact with potential customers. Your website will be beautifully designed and responsive so it will look great no matter what device it is viewed on.

World class hosting

Your hosting actually matters! Having a strategically built website won't make any difference if it is unavailable, filled with malware, or so slow that your visitors decide to go somewhere else. Keep your website healthy with our hosting plans.

  • Engineered for WordPress

    Our platform is made specifically for WordPress which eliminates the inefficiencies and overhead of a “one size fits all” hosting package.

  • Super fast, super secure

    All our hosting packages rely on the same infrastructure so we can ensure you always have extremely fast page loads and ultra secure environments.

  • True support

    There is no run around here. If a problem arises, rest assured that you will talk to a real person who can communicate with you and get your problem resolved quickly.

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Continuous optimizations

Your business evolves over time and your website should reflect that. By constantly optimizing your website through analytics, SEO, and thoughtful experiments, it'll become a conversion machine.

  • Understand your audience

    Stop making assumptions about who your clients are. Our analytics reports will give you concrete insights so you can make better decisions in your business, online and offline.

  • Reach more people

    SEO is a long term game which can yield huge benefits. Our team will work to make your website show up for the people who need it most.

  • Make decisions with data

    Instead of simply following hunches, we can provide you with hard numbers to improve your website’s performance.

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